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Helping others understand how to process work and become successful in their chosen field has been my responsibility for over 20 years.  I take that duty very seriously and it gives me joy to be present during those "lightbulb" moments.


I began my career teaching children, but eventually my path veered into adult learning and training.  Learning materials were scarce, or more specifically non-existent, and it quickly became evident that in order to learn and process work, my students would need a reference manual for the complex processes they were expected to perform.  Without being asked to do so, I began interviewing developers, testers and SMEs in order to document the steps needed to succeed.  Thus began my career as a technical writer and my love for understanding how things work.  I have acquired many new skills, discovered invaluable applications  and even learned a programming language over the years, but writing has always been the thing that gets me up in the morning.   

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Assisting others be a better version of themselves to confidently perform their duties and responsibilities in the most efficient way possible is the end game.  This not only makes them more productive and well rounded employees,  it fosters personal advancement and promotes job retention, which directly affects a company's bottom line. 

Effective and organized proposals land contracts, standardized development documentation shortens time to market and SOPs ensure work is completed efficiently and correctly.  

Comprehensive but concise documentation directly correlates with a thriving, growing and engaged workforce.


Continuing to evolve and learn new things, applications and languages, as well as experience exciting places and meet interesting people are the next steps in my journey.   Every day is a new opportunity to learn and pass that knowledge on so the world becomes a kinder, better place.

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